Hydrofoils have become a significant innovation in the world of watersports, particularly in activities such as surfing, kitesurfing, and stand up paddleboarding. Hydrofoil technology has revolutionized these sports, offering new and exciting experiences on the water.

Wing Foiling

Wingsurfing is a relatively new sport that combines elements of windsurfing, kitesurfing, and foilboarding. It involves using a handheld wing and a hydrofoil board to ride on water surfaces.

Wingsurfing has gained popularity for its versatility and the ability to ride in a wide range of conditions, from light winds to strong gusts.

Wind Foiling

SUP Foiling

Prone Foiling

Riding a hydrofoil surfboard allows surfers to catch smaller waves and ride them with less effort. It also provides a unique and smooth sensation of “flying” over the water’s surface.