Indoor SUP competition participants. Picture by Tuukka Luukkonen / Rautio Sports

Lot’s of fun at Finnish Indoor Stand Up Paddle Open Championships

18th of March Finnish indoor Stand Up Paddle open championships 2023 where held at Helsinki boat Fair. Last time the event was held was in 2020.

The event was organized by Rautio Sports. Organizer supplied tickets to the fair and equipment. All participants used Red Paddle Co inflatable boards.

About Finnish Indoor Stand Up Paddle Open Championships

The event is named open championships but it’s more about fun and games than serious racing. Good way to promote SUP to bigger audience.
Rautio Sports supplied all the equipment but participants could use their own paddles if they wanted.
The pool size has varied thru the years. Now the pool was just big enough to fit two paddlers and two buoy turns.

This event is more about good publicity for the sport and showing a good time for the participants and the audience than serious racing. SUP Racing is not yet a big sport in Finland, these kind of events are very important.

Watch a video from the same event back in 2020.


As the title of the event states this is an truly open event for everyone. No competition license needed. There where participants from experienced SUP racers to weekend warriors and juniors. Few juniors have never tried a SUP board before testing in the pool before the event. It was very nice to see how bravely the six juniors from canoeing club Merimelojat entered the event.
Finns are not usually known as persons who throw themselves in new situations. It was nice to see juniors entering the event really without knowing what did they sign in for. I hope this brilliant attitude stays with them through the years.

Indoor SUP juniors before the race.
Participants getting ready for the event. Picture: Tuukka Luukkonen/Rautio Sports


Junior Girls

  1. Aafreen
  2. Jenna
  3. Matilda

Junior Boys

  1. Fela
  2. Eero
  3. Qais


  1. Väpä
  2. Milla
  3. Rimma


  1. Jari Laine
  2. Thomas Fagerström
  3. Alex

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