Finland’s Independence Day SUP, weather is getting colder

7th of December 2022 Finland celebrated it’s 105 years of independence. Independence has always been a thing that Finnish people are very proud of. Thanks to our war veterans who defended our boarders against Russia! Ukraine is currently in similar situation. Ukraine stay strong!

In these depressing times when there is a senseless war going on ignited by a country that shares a boarder with Finland and you are thinking how are you able to cope with the increasing electricity bills over the winter, a physical outdoor activity in the beautiful nature of Finland can do wonders.

Sheltered river mouth

Sheltered bays of the Baltic Sea are slowly starting to get an frozen cover. On many winters you are able to paddle all year around in the baltic sea thanks to global warming. I don’t usually paddle anymore when the board and paddle start build ice on them. This day the air temp was around 0°c and water around 4°c so it was pleasant. I sure miss those warm summer evenings in my 8mm thick neoprene boots, drysuit and cloves 🙂

Gear for winter Stand Up Paddle

  • Merino wool under layer.
  • Drysuit designed for SUP. I have been using Starboard Allstar drysuit for around five years and no complaints.
    I know that SUPskin also makes good drysuits designed for SUP paddling. These drysuits are not cheap but definetly worth the invest if you take cold weather paddling seriously.
  • Wetsox for extra warmth for feet and making it easy to get in and out from your boots.
  • 8mm thick neoprene boots. If you are planning on paddling in freezing conditions get around 8mm boots. Make sure the boots are still flexible. Do not get boots that have super thick and stiff sole.
  • Cloves that are used also for cross country skiing have been working good for me. If you are paddling in waves or other situations where your hands will get wet then you should look into neoprene gloves. Too thick and tight gloves can make your forearms fatigue quite quickly thought.

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