Thailand is the host of 2023 ICF SUP World Championships

17.11.2022 ICF announced that Pattaya, Thailand will host 2023 SUP World Championships. Dates are not yet set it’ll likely be held on November. These will be the fourth SUP championships organized by ICF (China 2019, Hungary 2021, Poland 2022).

Thailand may not be the biggest SUP racing country but it’s the home of the biggest SUP board factories. Many top SUP brands have their headquarters there.

Pattaya is not known for waves but it might get windy and wavy at times.

ICF has now held two Championships in Europe. These events have gathered a good line up of professionals and amateurs. Europe is currently the driving force behind SUP Racing. Thailand is not of course that accessible to the masses than a country in Europe. But when talking about World Championships, does it have to be a mass event? Mass events are usually more profitable for the organizer and possible sponsors.

ISA just held their World Championships in Puerto Rico. In my eyes it was an successful event. It was an event in the Waves and SUP surfing was included.

Day 1, Sprint Races
Day 3, Technical Races
Day 6, SUP Surfing
Long Distance

Full lineup of 2023 ICF World Cup events will be released soon.

ICF press release.

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